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Basically everyone should work to some degree on improving their underwater kicking technique. This emphasis really helped current World Record Holder Natalie Coughlin develop her backstroke to the world-class level. It wasn’t until she really focused on and improved this skill that her backstroke caught fire. Much of what we now apply to the development of this skill came from Natalie’s training from age 14-17.

To assess your potential in underwater dolphin kicking, there are a few basics to look for. First, you must maintain a superb streamline position. Reducing resistance and drag underwater with proper streamlining is a must. You cannot move forward in developing this skill unless you master streamlining. The next area to look at would be ankle flexibility (plantar flexion), core body strength and quadriceps / hamstring power – all-important components to effective dolphin kicking. If your dolphin kick is weak due to any of the above factors, then you must consider utilizing less of this skill (shorter distances off walls – shorter time underwater) or spend the time trying to strengthen your dolphin kick capabilities. In the end, you and your coach will have to decide how much of this skill is appropriate for you based on your physical make-up. In Natalie’s case, she not only has all the physical tools but also has the psychological determination to train this skill better and tougher than most.

Here are a few sets and concepts that can be used to train this skill:

Age Group Level – Sets of 25s, increasing the number of kicks underwater on each 25; holding the determined number of kicks underwater off each wall in training sets.

Senior Level – A. Use of monofins - example: 10x100m dolphin kick repeats on 1:30-1:40, going 25 under / 25 up, and on repeats #5 and #10 25 under / 25 up then 50 under.

B. 20x25y on :30 underwater dolphin kicking – time these on a watch to enhance quality of effort.

C. 20x50y on :50, odds 15m kick underwater, then swim through turn and entire second 25 under on the way back; evens 25 kick under surface, one stroke away from wall turn and hold 15m kick underwater off turn. This requires tremendous discipline and breath control.

D. 20-40 x 15m on :30, 15m kick under on watch; drill or sprint swim back to wall.

E. Vertical shooters off bottom – hold streamline position and bounce off bottom of pool and dolphin kick on way up to surface at max effort.

One thing we never do is underwater kicking for distance (see how far you can go or how many laps you can make underwater). This is very unsafe and does very little to enhance the power aspect of your underwater kicking. Remember you only get 15m off each wall to utilize this skill, so power and speed are the goals. So be safe and always practice your underwater skills under the direct supervision of your coach.

A few comparisons to one of the best underwater dolphin kickers in the world - listed below are some of the more notable underwater kicking sets accomplished by Natalie in the past five years:

50y dolphin kick underwater from a push – 24.0 seconds.

15m kick underwater to head – 6.8 seconds (her goal has been 6.0 for 15m). 10x200y on 2:30 back, going 25 underwater dolphin kick / 25back swim averaged 2:07+ (this was done in warm-up prior to competing).

Dive 25 underwater, hand touch 10.2.

800m kick with 15m underwater off each wall – 11:35

Perhaps the most memorable utilization of this skill by Natalie that I remember was at the Kerr-McGee Pro-AM 200 free final, when Natalie was racing Ashley Tappin. Tappin had a lead into the last turn (175), and Natalie came off the wall and stayed under 15m to go 1:46 low. It was amazing to see this type of ability at the end of a race. Good luck with your efforts to improve your underwater kicking skills!
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