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  • Tanja Heinz zweifache Deutsche Mastersmeisterin!!!
    Ulrich Ringleb 11.09.2021 14:13
    Großartiger Erfolg! Glückwunsch allen Beteiligten ... :lol:




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This is a summary of the online presentation provided by Russell Mark. Russell Mark is a High Performance Consultant with USA Swimming and provides great explanations and descriptions of complex topics. Here are my written notes with my thoughts/comments in italics. Enjoy! See all the USA Swimming online clinics here. Dolphin Kicking The power comes from the legs (quads) Knees must bend to set-up kick Follow through the finish the kick in front of the body, this creates leg whip Focus should be whipping the legs to a full extension!

Legs bend 45-50 degree range (I think this is an underestimate, personally I feel the range is closer to 60-90 degrees of knee flexion, especially since the quadriceps reach maximum strength near 90 degrees) Forward kick is always more propulsive Knees must move forward Back kick has some propulsion, but primarily serves to set up the forward kick (couldn't agree more, upkick is more for balance, not propulsion).

Hip movement is important, but doesn’t drive the kick or move your forward Hips and core: Provide a stable platform for the legs to kick off of (The core is all stability. Sure range of motion is used at this junction, but not nearly as much as you think! The athlete must have stability through their full range of motion) Controls the direction of the kick Looking for a controlled hip movement Core remains tense Coordinated with the upkick Perform a slow controlled crunch during the upkick Often times too much hip movement occurs in poor swimmers. He has never told anyone to move their hips more. The hips shouldn’t initiate movement, the hips should move slow to resist hip movement Don’t pop the hips too early or too much Low back flexibility not super necessary!!! Keep hips more stable and emphasize whipping through and kicking in front of them Upper body movement is ok, varies a lot between athle

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